FYI~ Ivorie Speedy 25 on

  1. [​IMG]Price~ $775.00....pretty good IMO!:yes:
  2. wow :nuts: but I think I'll wait, such Vanilla Speedy, I guess it's go to $550 - $600 only ;)
  3. Wow.
  4. I saw this too. It is stunning. BUT--I think the lockit in ivory is more stunning and I'm trying to save up for that!
  5. love it.
  6. Not familar with this website.......anyone use it?
  7. how much is retail on that?

    the site is legit i think.

  8. The site sells authentic LV. Current Retail is $880.00~ That is $100 off...:graucho:
  9. The site IS authentic. I just saw that and was on my way to post it! White bags for me though are a no-no...too hard to maintain for me :sweatdrop:

    Someone should grab it!