FYI: Indigo Vernis, Panda Cles & Speedy Inclusion....

  1. Just a heads up if anyone is looking for these discontinued pieces the LV boutique in Boca Raton FL still has a few:

    Panda cles
    White Charms cles
    Beige Speedy Inclusion keyring
    Indigo vernis papillon, Lexington, Ludlow wallet, the bigger continental wallet (forgot the name), also an Indigo watch (looks really nice- might have to add this to my wishlist :drool: )

    On another note I also was surprised they had the Denim Cabas Raye & Mono Stephen in stock.
  2. thanks for the info
    altho i can't get...@_@
  3. im interested in the indigo!
  4. Oh yeah! Thanks for the info!
  5. ooooh, i want the Indigo Bedford :drool:!
  6. they have the best stuff over there, huh? the indigo was KILLING ME a few nights ago when I went!
  7. Yes they have some good stuff and some really nice SA's. I have purposefully stayed out of the Boca Raton LV since last week b/c I know if I go back I will end up purchasing something from the indigo collection. I also have been fighting off the urge to SO a damier cabas piano or cabas mezzo.
  8. really? i think i am going to go today and fight off all sorts of urges. but maybe i won't put up too much of a fight. nope. prob not.

    I KNOW! HOW GOOD are some of the sa's!?!?! I dont' like most of the women, but there are a few good ones. i like daniel, then again, i love asian men. The Saks girls are amazing tho. absolutely! luv em!
  9. I don't know about any indigo pieces because I didn't ask, but I DID see both speedy Inclusion keyrings (berry & white), one orange and white Jack & Lucie and the Panda Cles at my store (Fashion Valley).
  10. My store (Chicago, Michigan Avenue) had a plum suhali cles, panda pochette, beige inclusion key ring and a panda pochette yesterday. I was surprised to see the plum suhali cles- I would have bought it to match my Le Fab, but passed. If it were a PTI, it would have been mine:yes: