FYI I was at nordstroms today and MJ sale will start after half yearly

  1. My SA told me that they are going to reduce most of the higher end designer bags in two weeks or so. She said she expects most of the MJ bags with silver hardware to go on sale + some others. She is going to call me before they put them out so I will definitely post. I am hoping to score a blake, edith, or marina!! :yahoo:
  2. :cursing: Ugh!! I wish I was near a decent store..Which Nordies? OMG You have to post!! I love silver hardware! Do you remember what's in stock!! ???
    :heart: Emmy
  3. I didn't see everything b/c I was looking specifically for a black bag with silver hardware--they had venetia and marina in black w/ silver. Then there were a bunch more in the back that I didn't see -- on the floor were a a blake with gold hardware, large and small quilted stams, hudson, multi, etc. SA said she didn't know what would actually go on sale. I will definitely post--she said she would locate whatever bag is I wanted if it went on sale. It is the King of Prussia, PA store. :yes:
  4. Thanx!! I have my feelers out..Itching for another bag!!! :heart: Emmy
  5. I'm 99.9 percent sure that Stams and Hudsons and Trishs are not included in the sale.
  6. ^ Agree with E. Some SAs keep informing clients that ALL MJ bags will be on sale in the next event, just like last July's Annual Sale. Even though the event's for items in the upcoming season, the marked down colors for Venetia/Blake/MPs are from several years ago.
  7. Basically they are trying to get rid of what they couldn't sell. However it's beneficial in this case if it really is silver hardware bags. Those are really hard to come by.
  8. think any zip clutches (ursula quilted or regular) will be on sale? :yes:
  9. ^ Yup. =)
  10. Just to clear up -- she didn't tell me all bags would be on sale-- I agree the newer bags probably won't be. She just said all bags w/ silver hardware will be -- which I am excited about b/c I want an older bag -- blake, elise, marina with silver hardware ;)
  11. I was at Nordies today and I asked my SA if there will be an MJ sale. He said yes and I inquired about the Hudson...and to my suprise...he said that they were going to be on sale. I asked if there was a pre-sale and they said that I could during the week of thanksgiving.:yahoo:
  12. Did you end up passing on MJ boutique's Chili Hudson? Please let me know if you do, I want it!!! Thanks. =)
  13. ^ I sounded like I was trying to solicit sales, wrong wording on my part. I meant to say that if you decide not to get the Chili Hudson from MJ boutique (ie put it off hold or cancel your transaction), please let me know b/c there's 0 in the company. Thanks.

    If you got it, congrats!!! =)
  14. ^^ I think I was the last one to get the Chili Hudson. I called Stella yesterday on your recommendation. Thanks for the wonderful information, by the way. It just made sense for me to purchase through the Marc boutique to get the wonderful teal leather lining in all sections.
  15. ^ Congrats Paige!! =) Yup, teal leather lining is definitely more luxurious.