FYI - I received the replacement hangtag for my Legacy bag!

  1. For those of you who have requested replacement hangtags for your Legacy bags, I just wanted to let you know that mine arrived today. I requested it around three weeks ago. It came with everything - the hangtag, the ball chain and the medallion (or whatever you call it). I wasn't sure what I'd end up with because the Coach rep I talked to on the phone said they couldn't make any promises about replacements for the Legacy bags. I'm thrilled - obviously!
  2. that's great!!!
  3. Glad you got it, mokoni! :yahoo:

    I ordered a replacement hangtag for my Soho Hobo and I'm still waiting for it!

    Which reminds me... I'm gonna call Coach CS and check on that right now.
  4. You're lucky - my replacement tag came sans medallion thing (but a nice SA helped me score one).

    It's funny how much I really felt I needed it even though it absolutely didn't take away from the bag!

    Glad to hear you got everything!
  5. If I needed one from an older purse, how much would that cost? Is it better looking on eBay?
  6. congrats on finally getting it!

    dawnya: just call coach and they will usually just send you one for free.
  7. dang...I called and requested one on Feb 4th...still got nada.
    and honestly - the bag is going "out of rotation" this weekend...hehehe...oh well
  8. WAH!

    I received a replacement hangtag yesterday...but it was the WRONG ONE! I needed one for my Legacy shoulder bag in khaki/ebony...and I get this oversized WHITE tag.


    I feel bad calling back and asking for another one though....but damn....