fyi: heritage stripe xl satchels online are gone....

  1. hopefully if you wanted one you got it....

    if not try the macy's stores, here in chicago they had alot of em...and on their website....

    if you on the fence, i still cannot stop telling people how much i love my geranium xl, the color is awesome ! :tup:
  2. wow that was quick.. when I called the other day they said there were only 30 left. But they did say that they will most likely be making more since it is a new item, but they couldn't guarantee what colors. :shrugs:
  3. damn that was fast.

    They are still selling online on the Dept store websites.
  4. DANG! That's what I wanted to get with the next PCE! I hope they get them back in stock. I've been watching that bag for a long time. :crybaby:
  5. There is one on eBay right now(not mine!) and it's already up to $400 w/ several days left!!
  6. When I went to the Boutique last week they said they couldn't get them anymore. My SA said they "flew" out of the stores!!
  7. yeah, i am surprised. I am glad I got her, but i did not expect her to go that quickly. I would really like to get her in white and green, i wonder if I will be able to?
  8. any word if they're going to make them in pink???:love:
  9. wow just saw that now pursegal... i'm not surprised... when i ordered my XL bag, they said there were 100 available in this color and that was more than a week ago... glad I got mine! :sweatdrop: