FYI, Hawaii TPF gals... Famiglia is in!

  1. I'm not sure if anyone else posted already, but the Famiglia line is now on display in the LeSportSac boutiques! I was in Waikiki tonight and was pleasantly surprised to see the print irl in all styles!! Kinda cute, actually! :yes: Much better than I expected, but not quite LOVING it *YET*. Hehe :p. Next to the L'Amore print, it really looked much more "subtle" and neutral. It made L'Amore look way more flourescent, IMO. It was fun looking at all the little characters on the print. I particularly liked the print on the gioco. Go check them out! :tup:
  2. I know I've been MIA lately! hehehe work and the kids are getting to me!

    Kara! I got the gioco in famiglia!!! with the denaro! finally we got them in I didn't think it would be here yet, but it's about time! I got mines from japanla.... So no Hawaii retail for me! Oh and it is much more neutral compared to the lamore print!!! I agree
  3. Brandi!! Was wondering where you were! :smile: Hope all's okay. Glad you're back... for now ;). I know how crazy it can get with the kids, work, and everything. It's quite crazy here too as we're in the process of selling the house and preparing to move. Uggh. :push: Sooo... tokis have actually been one of my "outlets". Haha! I guess that can be good and bad.

    So do you like your famiglia gioco and denaro?? You know, there was only one denaro left in waikiki and they are all sold out in Ala Moana! Nuts :nuts:. I guess that's normal.
  4. OHhhh seriously!?! We have them in already?? I MUST check them out tmrw!! Haha I need to see them IRL!! Gahh but not at Alas.. its gonna be packed! :push: Thanks for the notice Kara!! :greengrin:

    Brandi - Post pics of your Famiglia goodies!! :graucho:
  5. Wow, finally huh? LOLz...I look forward to seeing them when we have our meet-up. I probably won't be down at any malls before that haha, need to save $$$. Thanks for letting us know it's there though. I figured it would look nicer IRL..but not THAT nice eh? HAHAH. Dodo brown.
  6. glad to hear they're in. i'm not even gonna check them out till we meet up. maybe i'll want one by then...
  7. I plan on going to Waikiki tonight to browse around (and walk for hours since I didn't hit the gym yesterday!) and go to Folli Follie (hehe) so I'll definitely have to stop by LeSportsac! At least I know since there are no denaros left and no zuccas here, I won't be buying any bags even if I wanted to!
  8. Wow, that's great. I'm not even going to look because I don't want to be tempted.
  9. Haha! That might be a good idea, because I was VERY tempted. :nogood:
  10. My mom wants me to stop by Ala Moana to check something for her... gives me an excuse to do my own little checking. Thanks for the info.
  11. haha I probably wont go to the malls/stores JUST to look at the famiglia.. If I happen to be at the mall, I'll take a look. I definitely wont by anything though! I dont have the money to :sad:

    :lol: @ Jess.. dodo brown xD isnt it more khaki-ish? :confused1:
  12. LIGHT BROWN DODO. LOLz............
  13. I just woke up from a nap about 20 minutes ago... I'm looking down at my bf, sleeping on the floor, and am wondering if my plan to go to Waikiki tonight is gonna fall through... I think it is. *lol* What time do the stores in Waikiki generally close anyway?
  14. :roflmfao: We shall discuss this at the meet...

    Maya - I think the stores close around 10:30 or so.. says my bf. I'll be in Waiks too! Haha the bf is DJ-ing at Lulu's tonight.. 9pm-4am.. I'll be there.. visit me if you want! LOL I'll watching drunk people dance and playing with my DS :lol:
  15. Why is your bf sleeping on the floor? LOLz. Maybe you should just let him rest haha...