FYI genuine/fake comparison pix on e-bay

  1. AWESOME post DQ! Thanks for the link; the devil really is in the details.
  2. That's a great resource! Thanks DQ.
  3. fabulous! Sandia exchange is the best!
  4. Thanks for posting this!
  5. super-cool avatar, GF. glad to have you back -- i like going :roflmfao: :roflmfao: , and we do it more often when you're here!
  6. It is scary how much they are alike. If that seller had clochette, reciepts, and dustbags, I wouldv'e fallen for it. That's why I'm going to buy my Birkin at the Hemres in NYC.
  7. Wow!!...thanks for the info., Dressage!
  8. Although I love all these information to be better educated in differentiating a genuine Birkin from a fake one, I also do not like too much of these info to be circulated around. There will always be baddies lurking around in this forum, trying to perfect their wares. (sic)
  9. Thanks...this was so helpful!
  10. Thanks for posting the link, DQ!!:flowers:
  11. some of these differences are quite subtle; it's great to see them side by side. thanks for posting!
  12. Yes, she is!!! Glad to have you back K!:flowers:
  13. I love Sandiaexchange. Thanks for posting DQ!
  14. Omg. I feel like I have just learnt a whole lot. I always thought fakes would look rather obvious. Guess not :sad: