FYI: Final week for Rafe bags at Target

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  1. I saw on the Target site today that this is the last week for Rafé bags.

    Something else I noticed--Perlina designed bags.
  2. thanks for the FYI

    Also the Devi Kroell bags are arriving 7/15 (along with Libertine for Target)
  3. My heavens! Perlina in PVC and plastic??? What are they thinking of? I'll never look at the brand the same again! Thanks for the heads-up! :sad:
  4. I think the Perlina's are actually Leather.

  5. Thank goodness! I think what I looked at was an overall 'view' of the styles or something - I didn't look at any one in particular. :sweatdrop:
  6. When I saw the name I actualyl recognized it (newbie) and clicked. I was surprised it was only 40 bucks for leather...they aren't honestly very appealing looking though.
  7. I didn't really care for the most recent RAFE for Target bags. Orange & Blue? Couldn't they have used more neutural colors? I did however, like their sandals (flip-flops). Soft brown leather flip-flops for $24 - they are soooo comfy and soft (and the leather smells wonderful!).

    I saw an article in July's Marie Claire about the Devi Kroell bags - they break down how the metallic hobo bag is made/structured, and why you can buy a $2000+ for only $35! It's actually pretty interesting - when I get home 2nite, I'll scan & post it.

    Are the Perlina bags available now, or are they coming soon? Another thing - Stella McCartney did a line for Target Australia. I wonder if she'll do a line for US Target stores??
  8. Those blue and orange bags had a white version, but I never saw one in the stores, only online. Maybe they were more popular and flew off of the shelves. That article sounds interesting.
  9. I agree...which issue of MC? I subscribe.

    I went tonight to check out the duffel bag from Rafe, I was thinking about the blue one...but they were all gone. I don't think Ill order online, not that big a deal.

    The perlina's were available online, did not see them in store.