FYI, Did you know this?

  1. The last time I was at the coach outlet (Wed) the SA informed me that all their merchandise comes from another area. She said your F/P stores would not make money if they sent out to local outlets b/c people would wait for bags to go to the nearest outlet therefore, profits at F/P stores would be low. My outlet is serviced by OHIO...:nuts:

    did you guys know this?
  2. I had no clue
  3. I didn't know that, but it makes sense. My outlet doesn't carry signature bags because they say they would put the nearest boutique out of business if they did!
  4. Hm, that's interesting. I didn't know that. It does make sense though.
  5. What does F/P stand for?

  6. Full Price Stores
  7. I didn't know that! I think it's good though, so there is more variety.
  8. I had no idea...I thought that all the bags & accessories go to the main factory & get distributed out from there.
  9. I had no idea.
  10. I knew this! All stores have two buddy stores in different states, one for leather and one for signature. Each week after returns and stuff we transfer there and each wave we transfer as well.

    However, the more limited items do often get transferred to JAX for customer demand OR condensed to the larger stores.
  11. Wow...thanx sprinkles for confirming this.
  12. So then is it quite possible that outlets in the same state that are like less than 100 miles away could each get their supplies from retail stores in completely different states? I.E like one store gets their supply from Wisconsin and the next closest store to me gets their supply from Oregon?
  13. Interesting... totally makes sense though! Thanks for the info!
  14. oh my world! lol
  15. We have 2 Coach outlets up here in Maine. One carries just about everything and the other does not carry the signature items.
    The closest Coach boutique to me is NH and Boston.