FYI: Decided to sell my Cornflower B-Bag

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  1. I listed in on the Market place but for whatever reason, my listings never show (I have twice placed a WTB for epi mandarine LV items but it never posted). Anyway, I just decided the medium is a bit too large for my frame. :sad2: I have since ordered the First in blue from another board member, and I bought a mini apple green bag from eBay. If anyone is interested please pm me for price and pictures.
  2. Your post is there, Becca! :nuts: Good luck with your sale, and congrats on the new bags! I have a first, and I love the size :biggrin:
  3. How does the First compare with the medium? Do you have both?
  4. I can't see my post in the marketplace! Am I blind or what?
  5. Check now, it should be up :biggrin:
  6. Thank you!!!
  7. Good luck with your action Becca! And enjoy those new b-bags!
  8. Thanks! Already sold it to another boardie! Yea!!
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