FYI - chocolate leather carly is coming!

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  1. So unfortunately it isn't coming to me yet but just wanted to let ya'll know that according to 888, it's going to ship Aug 7th. OMG, I don't know if I want the all leather or the sig. Hmm will have to pick up a leather carly tomorrow in any color so I can hopefully swap it out in Aug for the brown one and still get the PCE discount. Brown leather would be soooo great!!

    #10615 $398 Brass/Brown
  2. this will be just in time for my birthday which is the 12th! Oh then I can put my lion keyfob on it!! OMG I am dying here!!! :yahoo::woohoo:
  3. NO WAY! That would be so perfect for me! I can't wait!!!!
  4. chocolate carly....:drool:
  5. Tracy:

    This is the item number for the medium Carly which you purchased. Do you hav the number for the Large? If not I will check with Coach on Monday. I have been waiting for an all leather Chocolate Carly since the beginning of 2007. I knew it was coming out but just that it was in August. Great news! Thanks for sharing. I have a chocolate Brown Ali which I purchased for the PCE which has a regular price of $498 which I am exchanging for the Carly.

  6. :nuts:

    I NEED this bag... :yes:

    Is sounds perfect in every way! :love:
  7. It looks like Coach is keeping the same item numbers for the new leather Carly's.

    Medium leather Carly is No. 10615 - $398
    Large Leather Carly is No. 10616 - $498.

    I am getting the Chocolate Brown Large one. This bag is going to be yummy in chocolate brown.
  8. Yay! Congrats! :yahoo: I can't wait to see pics!
  9. You are so right. The chocolate Carly is going to be abosolutely perfect in every way!
  10. Awesome! I've been waiting for chocolate! I'm supposed to be on a ban, darn it! Wonder if I can talk my dh into buying it for a REALLY early Christmas present???
  11. :yahoo::yahoo:I feel a MUST POSSESS COMING ON!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  12. OMG! I bet that Carly will be stunning!! Can't wait to see pics of it :nuts:
  13. ohhhh i can't wait to see pics!
  14. Ooh I'm sure it will be beautiful. Maybe I should have gotten that instead of the signature? What do you Carly-owning ladies think? Is the leather Carly very heavy?
  15. Ooooh, exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing it!