FYI: Botkier Bianca to be discontinued...Get yours while you can and do it soon!

  1. Shelly at Karizma spoke with a Botkier rep who said that the Bianca will be discontinued. If you love this bag and think its a classic like I do, then get yours this season!
  2. Whoa! I wonder why. It seems like the Bianca does so well! Thanks for the info. ;)

    Now I really need to get on ordering my cherry Bianca. *bites nails*

  3. Ooohhh I bought the medium Bianca in Bronze and haven't carried it yet. Have considered returning it, but don't think I will. Especially if it is to be discontinued. The leather is so soft and luxurious and the color is TDF. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. :okay:
  4. Wow! I find that so surprising as the bag seems so popular!
  5. Me too. I had no idea. Supposedly there is a new bianca-esque bag lined up to replace the bianca. Its a shame, I love that bag! Got one in Cherry, and one in black
  6. By the way, check out these pics of the large Botkier Bianca on Amy Winehouse. Not that I look to Amy Winehouse for fashion inspiration but seeing it on her kind of validates the coolness of the large Bianca for me...I was really unsure about whether or not I should have got a medium but now I love the large!
    HUGE_amy_winehouse.jpg 38656.jpg
  7. I wonder why they would discontinue it? Maybe it's too popular?
  8. oh wow....geesh

    i guess ill get it this weekend..
  9. Well, I called Botkier to see if this is true. And it is! I did not get the name of the woman who I spoke with, but she was very nice and, I think, French.

    I asked her why it was being discontinued. She explained that originally the Trigger style made them well known, then it was the Bianca and now they want to move onto the next thing.

    I asked her about the Black Rose Hobo and she said it is quickly becoming their most popular bag.

    I asked her about any upcoming sales or sample sales. She said they just had one in June, so the next one would either be in December or next June.
  10. awwww, now i am REALLY bummed! i love this style and was hoping to hold out till maybe some of the december sales to find a medium cherry bianca! but b/c of all my crazy purchases in the past months, i don't even think i have any funds to spare! :crybaby:
    i'm gonna have to tell my sister-in-law about this too, b/c she's been talking about waiting for a sale to pick one up too! thanks for sharing the info! :girlsigh:
  11. I was looking at a medium Olive and black BIANCA...guess I better get one!
  12. Huh! I had a Bianca in the Midnight Navy..only to return her! Didn't likee very much
  13. really ? how come?
  14. Do you guys know when the best time to get a Bianca would be? Can I wait until Christmas time or do you think that'll be too late? I was hoping to get one with a coupon but there doesn't seem to be many around right now. When do you think it will be TOO late to get a Bianca?
  15. I happened across a large Bianca in cognac color on Nordstrom clearance table today. I had been thinking the large was maybe too big for me but I took the paper stuffing out and it looked like maybe the size would be OK. I like the color so thought I better grab it before someone else does. Not as deeply discounted as you would get at the Rack but still on sale ($464 from $700). Do you think she's a keeper?