FYI: Beverly Hills/Rodeo Dr -Inclusions & other stuff sited!!

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I was at the Rodeo Dr. store today, Superbowl Sunday, and guess what they had.......

    Pomme Inclusion:
    bracelet - size PM (small size !!! & regular size) - was on 1st & 2nd floors
    (there were at least 6 or the regular size PM bracelet and at least 2 of the small PM bracelet on the 2nd floor. They were also on display on the 1st floor.

    Pomme Inclusion suitcase keychain - 1st floor
    Transparent/white suitcase keychain - 1st floor

    Transparent Inclusion:
    bracelets - size PM (small size !!! & regular size) - 1st & 2nd floors
    GM size bracelet!!

    Azur Noe!!! (displayed on 1st floor and 2nd floor) - I didn't ask if they were in stock, but I'm assuming since there were at least two on display in the store!

    I bought the Pomme inclusion bracelet (regular size) while I was there (I feel guilty because I usually buy everything from my SA at the Century City store but they didn't have any when I checked on Friday).

    The small sized PM bracelets for Pomme & Transparent looked pretty small - so it should fit all of you girls with small wrists!!

    They also had an Alma and a Speedy that looked like alligator/croc skin (very bumpy). Probably cost a fortune.

    I will post pics of my two new bracelets (Pomme PM and Transparent GM) later.....

    By the way, I prefer to shop at my own store because at least I don't have to ask for a box - they give one to me automatically! The Rodeo Dr. SA just put the bracelet inside a shopping bag, so I had to ask for the box (no ribbon given....). Again, feel guilty that I didn't purchase my latest two bracelets from my regular SA but I just couldn't wait!!!

  2. Thanks for the info. I needed that confirmation IRL!
  3. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Forgot to mention that Rodeo Dr. had the black leather rivet bag that Scarlet Johansson carries in real life (white version) as well as in the ad (white leather version). It was on the first floor to the left when you walk into the store.
  5. congrats! and thanks for the info
  6. oh, so tempting....i love inclusions!
  7. Thanks! I hope this means I'll be getting my Inclusion stuff this week!!
  8. Congrats on your bracelets, I hate shopping at the Rodeo LV. They always act so snobby! Plus I never get a box either.
  9. ^^ I'm sorry you had trouble there-when I've been there (twice) the SAs were really nice and helpful!
  10. Thanks for sharing that info!
  11. thanks for the info, and congrats
  12. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for the 411, peace43 !!

    -i picked mine up today!! i got the transparent and pomme pm's! though! :/ my boyfriend and i were in the store for 15 minutes (i LOOKED at my watch, b.t.w.) standing in front of the "inclusion display area" before anyone even greeted us! (maybe it was an off day -but even the manager walked by us several times and did not look our way...)

    well, regardless, i got my bracelets AND, i didnt have to ask for a box :smile:

    thanks again (i LOVE tPF!!)
  13. by the way...

    for you gals still looking for inclusions -there are still some small pomme and transparent pm's (BUT... small is VERY small, i would say that i have a relatively small hand and wrist, and i couldnt get it through my hand -so i'd def try it first!!)
  14. THANKS! i hope that transparent inclusion can wait a little longer for me!
  15. Thanks for the info again! I called them today and they tried to deny that they had any of the items you described. I called their bluff with your info.:p