FYI: BalNY CITY stock as of 10/26

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  1. Just FYI: I called yesterday and the SA told me what colors they had left in CITY as of 10/26. I only asked for the CITY colors...

    Olive Brown (Marron)
    Oxred (Grenat)
    Forest (Sapin)

    It looks like they are taking order for the Spr/Sum 07 collection?
  2. So no more rouge vif?
  3. When I called Barney's 2-3 weeks ago, they had a BUNCH of Rouge Vif (not on hold) in the City style.
  4. Can anyone tell me is the retail price of the city from the BAL NY the same on all colors ? I am new to the B Bags and am on the hunt for my first one. I am eyeing the truffle city.
  5. Yes the City from Bal NY is $1195 -
    No Tax and Free Shipping outside of New York
  6. I should call too. I'm going in next weekend and I want to know what they have in Twiggy.