FYI - Balenciaga Repair

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  1. Hi all! In case anyone was interested, I went in to the New York Balenciaga store last week to drop off my Giant City for repair. Although I was not given an "official" estimate, I did leave with the following info:

    - depending on the condition of the handles, they may need to be replaced completely. unofficial quote: approximately $100 for new handles
    - leather conditioning $10
    - they can repair damaged leather piping but the saleslady was unable to provide an estimate
    - Repair will take approximately 2-3 weeks

    I'll post official repair cost once I hear back from Balenciaga ! :smile:
  2. oh, please let us know more when you learn more. My we could do with some work on the handles.

  3. That's interesting. Is it all Bal stores do you think ? Thank you for posting.
  4. Do they still send the bag away to Paris? Or do they repair in store now?
  5. Oh can't wait to hear back!