FYI - Balenciaga Colours

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  1. hi guys

    over the weekend, i got an email from Aloha Rag these are the colours that will be coming in:

    Pre-Collection/ End of December- End of February

    Gris fonce/gray
    Origan/ olive
    Encre/ Ink
    Bleuet/ Dark Avio Blue
    Lillas/ Liliac
    Vieux Rosa/ Pale Pink
    Blanc/ White

    Main Collection Additional Colors/ February – End of April

    Beige/ Whisky
    Emeraude/ Dark Green
    Rouille/ Redish Orange

    Should be hopefully getting an email from them before Feb to say if they've got a bag for me or not!!! :nuts:
  2. Which colors are you on the notification list for? I'm on the list for the emerald and redish orange.
  3. Oooh the lilac sounds interesting !
  4. I will post pics of my Origan Twiggy; should be arriving on Tuesday or Wednesday from Balenciaga NY.

    The whiskey color sounds great...:amuse:
  5. FYI-

    I don't know about the other colors but if anyone is getting an "ink/encre" bag, I'd make sure you get your SA to pick one with nice leather. I picked up the ink city from Neiman Marcus yesterday and the leather was terrible. I returned it an hour later. The leather was very thin, very stiff, super shiny, and had these whitish waxy veins all over the place that is suppose to be natural distressing. It did not look like it was worth $1200 in my opinion.

    Good luck everyone!
  6. Thanks for that! :smile:

  7. Hi ya!

    i'm on for the Bleuet/ Dark Avio Blue (medium), and i'm thinking about the Dark Green too... maybe i should send another email for the Dark Green, - that could always be my SMALL one! ;)
  8. I'm wanting the rust one, but the emerald green one sounds interesting ... hmmmm...
  9. 0o0o0 Can't wait to see it! :biggrin:
  10. I saw the dark blue yesterday at Barneys BH (they have it in Twiggy and city). It is very very dark, but it is sooo beautiful, esp. in the Twiggy shape.