FYI Architeks new color

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  1. I spoke to the BH CL store this evening and the gentleman there told me they are getting the Architek in salmon with pink contrast, toe & heel. That might be really cute. Just thought I would pass it on like any good friend would do!!
  2. Thanks for the tip. I would have to see a pic or see it in person to make a decision. As it is I have only seen the black and red version IRL and I'm not sold on it. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer, it's just I like the No. Prive better.
  3. I know, I just thought some of the members might be interedted. I have not gotten any architeks, I like the black, but there are so many other styles I like better. I kinda think just the black tip is more me, but we are all different. I do not think that I would be able to pair salmon with much but who knows I may see it and die.
  4. I like salmon color - whenevr I wear my sweater in that color everyone says I look good in it. I will have to see a picture of it but it sounds nice!
  5. I couldn't agree more with lavender about the architek... I thought it was pretty but thats all. It wasn't TDF for me. But the salmon color does sound appealing... i hope we can get a picture soon!:p
  6. Nothing beats black and red though. :yes:
  7. ^ i second that. i ordered a pair here at a local shoe boutique which carries CL and i cannot wait to have them especially when i have discount with them LOL i ordered the ones in black and red and i have been imagining what i would wear with them. it's just never ending!
  8. Well hello there!! Have you received yours yet? I got the wedges today! They were in the biggest box. I love them! Tried them on at the end of the day after wearing simples all day and they fit "perfect":tender::party:
    I am in love!:heart:
  9. Very cool!
  10. My Architeks will be here tomorrow and my wedges came too! They don't fit perfectly, but close enough. :wlae: I love them too! I think I may wear them tomorrow..unless my Architeks come early enough. My date is at 7 :p
  11. Oh that's right, tomorrow is Friday! The week has flown by. I will be thinking of you! I will be out of town Sat getting back late, so if you don't hear from me that's why. Sorry your wedges did not fit as well as you had hoped. I was very surprized by mine. Oh, I ordered the Fox Trots tonight!! I am so excited!!
  12. Aw thanks! I will be thinking of you too! Travel safely! :yes:

    Congrats on the fox trots! Those are gorgeous!
  13. Thanks! Is that not the best feeling??:yes:
  14. Yes, you have a pair don't you? Do you wear them often,spill it!
    Thank you and we will travel safely, hubby is never in a hurry to get anywhere. Drives me nuts:nuts: We will be doing Christmas with his side about 3 hours away.Big family, 5 brothers, all with children. Some of the neices and nephews are married now and the youngest brother has 2 under 10. lot going on.
    Have you decided where to go after dinner:yes: Outfit planned?
    Remember we want the scoop!:party:Have fun and be carefull
  15. I love the black and red, just a striking combination. I'm curious to see this new salmon color but I doubt that would work with my wardrobe at all.