FYI - About price increase LV

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  1. I just called my SA at LV in Short Hills Mall, NJ because I had ordered last Friday (without payment) a LV Damier Speedy 30 in Azur and they were out of it - in fact another LV store I searched at in NJ was out of it too 2 weeks ago. Reading an earlier post I called and she did confirm a price increase starting tomorrow the bag will go from $620.00 to $650.00 she is going to talk to the manager to see if she can honor the lower price for me since I ordered it before the increase. So if you want anything call to see if what you are yearning for is included in the price increase.
  2. thanks for the info addiction!
  3. thanks for the info! luckily i ordered my goodies today. i hope your SA can help you out. i've heard from other tfpers that their SA's honored the lower price.
  4. i just called the LV in holt renfrew and the SA told me that they don't know when the price increase becomes effective. although some items (not all) will have a price increase, some items will actually have a price decrease???? has anyone else heard of that?

    i'm looking into buying (or having my fiance buy me) a minilin speedy....
  5. I know that the Canadian prices has decreased several times over the last 2 years due to the US$ going down but the prices also increased very slightly once last year.
  6. Oy...I remember when Speedy's were one of the more affordable they're getting up there too. :nogood:
  7. Yep, I remember when they were $300 and change!
  8. Thanks for the update. :flowers:

    Hope you get your Speedy at the price you really want.