fyi: 50% off sale

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  1. if anyone lives near Akron, Ohio: Macys at chapel hill mall has a few coach items for 50% off, and quite a few for 25% off.
  2. ah. so of COURSE once i move from akron, they have a sale.
    i wonder if it's all the macy's stores? i haven't been in awhile.
  3. it may be all macys ( in this area at least). I went to belden and there were some 50% off deals on a few smaller things and 50-75$ (!) off on shoes!!
  4. the only thing on sale at our macys is the scribble tote, which i already have- and that was only 25% off.
  5. our macy's had some white signature shoulder totes, white signature hobos...and mostly summer-y bags.
  6. I don't know the exact percentage but macy's in general does have seasonal sales for some of the coach bags. The sale percentage may vary. I remember when I lived in VA, my macy's never had their coach bags on sale for 50% but 25%~30%. I could be wrong though.
  7. macy's in norther california was normally no more than 30% off.
  8. maybe in a few weeks, they'd be 50% off. like, they'd mark them down later like they do with clothing. the longer it's there, the cheaper it is. (now, if they would just have the 80% off clearance like they do with the clothes...)
    i went to a different macy's today and saw a few of the white signature. but i still don't like white bags (and i have a horrible tendency to buy stuff i'm not fond of, just because it's on sale. so god help me when i go to a coach outlet for the first time!)
  9. I think that probably differs regionally kallison...I'd see the same bag sit on clearance at 30% off for 6 months. And I NEVER saw macy's go to 50% off. And I went by their coach counter every saturday at my local macy's.
  10. i know that i went to two macy's stores this weekend and one had a few 25% and the other said they never put ANY coach on sale. and the stores were only an hour apart. *shrugs*
    oh well.
  11. I've yet to see any outlets around where I am with the summer scribble, it looks like this may be it (sniff sniff).
  12. which one are you looking for? the hobo or one of the totes?
  13. My Macys will have bags on sale for 25% off, and then mark them down another 25% (but its not 50% off, its 25% off of the first sale price), thats how my mom got her cashmere bowler. You just have to pick up the right bag, we didn't know it was marked down more until it was scanned at the register.

    And mine had the Scribble hobo a few weeks ago, maybe yours will have it!