FW2016 New Mini Kelly (Kelly Mini II)

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  1. The more I look at it, the more I like it, but I would also like to see a modeling pic. I think it would be great lil crossbody bag!
  2. Congrats your mini K is beautiful!
  3. What's the price of Kelly pouchete? Is the mini Kelly price a lot higher?
  4. It was around $5500 USD when I purchased my Pochette a few months ago. The mini Kelly is around $2k more.
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  5. Gorgeous :heart:
  6. The Pochette is 3600e when the mini kelly bag is 5200e. In US the Pochette Epsom is 5300 when the Epsom mini bag is around 7650 ($7700). And the Pochette is 22mm when the mini is about 20cm. Wonder if the mini also comes with the key/lock set though?
  7. Thx for posting. How adorable is that!!! Seems rather useless in my life, but I still :heart: it and would snap up a RL mini in a second.

    Since the Epsom version is around $7700... I wonder how much more the chevre version is??? :sweatdrop:
  8. IF I believe it's $8100, I'm thinking about a RL as well but still on the fence
  9. My request is like a pipe dream since I got a Kelly a month ago but I hope you get it!!!
  10. Hi all, are those 2016 mini kelly is the same size as the one back in 2010? I saw this one on Luxury exchange for $17,500.
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  11. No, that one was 15cm and there are also 20cm styles but they are a different shape than this one and the 2016 one.
    PS that is a CRAZY price for the bag...
  12. Price is crazy for sure. It is difficult to get. I saw a blue one on Vestairecollective.com, it is priced for $30,000 but no one buys it.
  13. Can anyone tell me the current price for espom kelly pochette in USD? Thank you.