FW2016 New Mini Kelly (Kelly Mini II)

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  1. Here's Mini Kelly II Sellier in Rouge Tomate PHW. Euro 5,200. :heart:


  2. OMG! your got it already?! congrats!
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  3. So cute !!
    Congratulations !

  4. Very cute indeed!! But for me I won't find it useful.
  5. Thank you all, yes it is definitely too small for an everyday slingbag, but it's perfect as a clutch or formal events and the strap is always handy for parties :smile:
  6. it is so cute, love it!!!!
  7. So adorable!
    Thank you so much for sharing I have been dying to see one from a member! Does it come with a lock? Any more pics to share? It's so cute!
  8. Love it!! Modeling pics please :smile:
  9. figures all the IG pics are resellers =(
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    Love it!!! Would love to see Mod shots!!!
  11. [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7] I can't wait for mine to come now!!!
  12. Oh this is sooooo cute, I like it for evening and parties !!!
  13. nice bag! Can anyone take a picture of both mini Kelly II and Kelly Pochette please? would KP larger than mini Kelly?
  14. Found these posted by one of the resellers~
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  15. Uh oh, I'm in trouble...
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