FW2016 New Mini Kelly (Kelly Mini II)

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  1. Can't wait to see this IRL. I've put my name down anyway just in case. It's a shame that it's a quota bag though. [emoji853]
  2. I happen to have this reseller or her partner in my social media contacts. I messaged her to inquire about the price and was told it's 115000 Chinese RMB, equivalent to 17300 USD.

    I feel the same sadness that the resellers are getting their hands on these before any of our true Hermès lovers on the forum :sad:
  3. Goodness me! I was able to select some other bags for this season back in February when my SM returned from podium-I think he had literally just gotten back & all of the mini K's already had other customers names by them so I'm not getting one but nor will I be paying someone else an extra 10k just to get one!
  4. Cute bag, but I won't be paying that markup reseller either and couldn't justify buying before a larger bag anyway I would think.
  5. I believe the price hovers around a Birkin unit, though I expect the Epsom will be a bit less and the Chevre a bit more. It is not a friendly price. :sad:
  6. I was told by my SA the price for chevre is 5.500 Euros. For Epsom I only remember it is a bit less.
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  7. Price in the US is $7700 though, not sure if that's for Epsom or Chevre
  8. Wow, that's quite the markup especially if they got it in Euros... I can't imagine paying 10K over retail. There are so many other things I would rather get with that $$
  9. I think that's Epsom and Chèvre is $8100 USD
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  10. I think there's going to be another season of them, the initial buy from my store was small and there's quite a demand so don't despair-perhaps you can get on the next season's available colors!
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  11. Ah thank you! Not even sure I want one now!!
  12. image.jpg image.jpg Saw these two on IG from the respective resellers. One in craie and one in Rose lipstick.
  13. Awwww
    So cute!
  14. Omg obessed!!
  15. OMG my SA texted to say they are coming into the US now....in chèvre?! (He knows how i feel about Epsom.) I may have to do this as I've never seen a great vintage with the top handle at a price less than this current retail......
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