FW2016 New Mini Kelly (Kelly Mini II)

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  1. Window display.

  2. It's so cute but so small [emoji23]
  3. Please grab that and RUN to meeeeeeee dear!!!
  4. Will the mini Kelly be a quota bag?
  5. Yes
    Was told by my sm
  6. Thanks BI, my SA wasn't sure when we last spoke.
  7. My SA said they recently received 2 Rouge Tomate Epsom with phw so it's making its way to the stores! :biggrin:
  8. Does it fit an iPhone?
  9. As per article it fits an iPhone 7 plus
  10. Glad to hear it's making its way to the stores. May I know if your store is located in Europe, North America or Asia? Thanks
  11. i really can't wait to get mine !!!! love the idea of a tiny kelly
    MSO13 likes this.
  12. Saw this from a European reseller~

  13. I'm in Europe. :smile:
  14. Did they post a price for it? Just curious what kind of premium they're putting on these. It's always sad to me when a reseller has these new bags rather than one of our own excited tPF collectors! Hoping mine finds me soon!
  15. No they didn't, I'm curious too [emoji57]
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