FW2016 New Mini Kelly (Kelly Mini II)

  1. Thank you!!:flowers:
  2. Does anyone have the revised price for the mini Kelly in Euro and GBP please? I can't find it on the Hermes price thread.
  3. Oh gosh I wish I could limit my items to accommodate this bag. When my kids get older one of those babies will be mine. The smallest I can go right now is a 28.
  4. I am new to Hermes but am really interested in the mini Kelly ii, I heard it's even harder to get one than the Birkins or normal Kellys... so i am wondering if it is possible at all to get it in US? I'm located in Houston...thanks anyways!
  5. of course it is possible ...but most are reserve for VIP clients
  6. Really? Because I heard it is only available in some LA & maybe NYC stores within the country, no other US locations will get the mini kelly...that's why I'm wondering...thanks anyways!
  7. You may want to check with your store and see if the SM ordered any of them. But I am almost certain that Mini Kelly IIs are available outside of LA and NYC stores in the US. They might not be as rare as you think. Good luck!
  8. I see and will definitely check with my SA! Thank you for your advice!!
  9. All stores will order
    It's just matter who they want to sell and quantities
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  10. I just got mine last week! Im not nyc or LA!! Mine is bordeaux!
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  11. Not true that they were only available in LA and NYC but I do believe many stores ordered VERY limited quantities. Definitely discuss with your store, I now see they come in Bordeaux which is soooo lovely!!!
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    I didn't know it also comes in Bordeaux; that's a beautiful color and the purse looks great on you! Congratulations!

    I'm wondering if a key/lock come with the Mini Kelly II?
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    No lock and clochette...i just ordered a mini bolide and it doesnt come with lock and clochette either.
  14. Thank you ehy12!
  15. Hi ladies,
    I love my Togo Kelly so I'm thinking about getting one mini Kelly as well. So far I have only seen Mini Kelly in Epsom, so I'm wondering if Hermes makes Mini Kelly in Togo?