FW2016 New Mini Kelly (Kelly Mini II)

  1. I'm casual but here she is. I love it as an evening bag and wore it all through the holidays. It does not hold much but an evening bag with a strap is very practical! They must still be rolling into stores as I've seen several pop up on Instagram lately. For reference I'm 5'8 with an athletic build.

    IMG_1491506233.718445.jpg IMG_1491506245.893567.jpg
  2. I turned down b/c it was too small and not practical for me --more like clutch... I was so tempted but realistic side of me said NO :frown:
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  3. me too sadly
  4. I was very excited for these but then I tried one in the wrong color and found it so small, then I tried a 28 and a 25cm Kelly and found the right 25 for me so I will happily pass now that the color I waited for is finally arriving. I really only want to have bags I can use easily and this isn't right for that. But maybe my SA will still let me look at the one that was going to be mine :angel:
  5. Wow! Can't decide if I am admiring your k20 more or your entire neutral collection! Almost a bag for every size!!
  6. Wow! The mini kelly looks wonderful on you! Thank you so much for posting!
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  7. I know I'm in the minority, but I find my mini kelly comfortably carries all I need. I only carry my wallet (mini bearn), lipstick, phone, and sometimes my compact mirror. If I need my LV key holder (if my bf isn't there to carry his keys ), I sub my bearn for my key holder and a slim card holder. The mini kelly fits all of these perfectly! I can even wear it cross body (I'm about 5'5)! Here are a couple mod shots wearing it over a thicker trench!


    If your lifestyle requires more items then mentioned, the mini k probably isn't for you... but if you're a minimalist- it's just so darn cute !! Hope that helps!
  8. The mini looks great on you! It's good to know that it carries all of your essentials. It looks like you are able to use it even for less formal events. You are totally rocking it! :smile: Thanks for sharing your photos!
  9. The older model of Kelly 20 is deeper and more specious. I can fit small wallet, phone, lipstick, a tube of hand lotion and a car key and maybe a change purse as well.
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  10. Looks so good on you MrsZ, black ghw is so dreamy.

    Almost twins Purseperson, just that mine has phw, love the little moutard chevre gem on you. :heart:
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  11. 25cm kellys are divine in my opinion too! I hope your new gem will be gorgeous! I hope I have the opportunity to see the 20cm IRL to see what I think. It's quite lovely in the photos posted, though I have no idea if it would look too tiny on me IRl. Years ago, I bought a limited edition LV bag that I thought was stunning, but never wore because I felt somehow that it looked too doll like on me....
  12. Your bag collection is gorgeous!! Thank you for posting these; it definitely gives us all a real sense of the proportion as compared to other size kellys. Best wishes! :smile:
  13. Nearly missed this pic! Thanks for the comparison, lovely kellys!! :heart::heart::heart:
  14. What a cutie! I do like the black with GHW. Enjoy!!
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  15. I adore this color. Thank you for the detail of what you're able to fit in your mini!! She looks great on you!