FW2016 New Mini Kelly (Kelly Mini II)

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  1. so lovely, but i agree that that its not very practical..

    kudos to you for being able to sell it.. i probably would not be able to for the life of me..
  2. I just saw this on upcloseandstlyish's Instagram. Is this what we've been waiting for?

  3. can you believe it? a few years back when my dh was traveling through Hong Kong he was offered a mini kelly at a store in the airport. he called me up and asked me if id be interested in it and the dimension was so small that i couldn't imagine a kelly in that size i passed it. my dh even also commented that it looks so tiny what can be fit in it.
  4. Totally impractical bag.
  5. I doubt it as it doesn't have double hooks, as the Mini Kelly II has a detachable shoulder strap.
  6. no i think it's a vintage 20 sellier instead, the new one is more narrow.
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  7. No, this is not the one we've been waiting :smile:) So far I don't see any Tpfer post a reveal yet
  8. ridiculously small bag
  9. I believe this is the Mini Kelly OP is asking about (saw the pic on IG).

    I was told the width is going to be about 16-18cm, which sounds like it should fit an iPhone 6/7 just fine (not sure about the plus model tho). Judging by the picture, it should also fit a small batch of necessities: phone, credit card, (flat) keys, and maybe a lipstick or so. From someone who doesn't carry a lot of stuff, I find this practical enough and a great little handsfree crossbody (would need to use a Twilly extender or switch out the original straps with Maxi Twillies to wear as a crossbody I would think). I'm excited to see them!

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  10. @poptarts, I was told by my SA that the Mini Kelly II can be worn crossbody but depending on one's height, it hits around the waist/hip bone area or thereabouts.

    Dear @jula posted press pics here, @MrsOwen3 posted press pics she found here and @mygoodies posted pics of it here. Mini lookbook pics posted here by @yodaling1. All pics are found from Instagram. ;)

    I know we're all eager to see a reveal of this bag, that's for sure! :nuts:
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  11. anyone knows when suppose to available in US??
  12. I can't say too much about the mini Kelly, but that photo is amazing!
  13. My budget won't allow it, but I think it's cray-cray adorbs. :P Seriously, practical perhaps not, but darling and very collectible.
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  14. Yup tiny
    Was offered one and thinking for evening might be ok, but maybe a clutch is just easier.....
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