FW2016 New Mini Kelly (Kelly Mini II)

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  1. Hi, has any TPF know the size/measurements of the new mini Kelly that will come out this fall by any chance? All my SA knows is it will be smaller than the mini Kelly pochette. My super nice SA has put my name down for the one in rose lipstick cherve with ghw but I start to worry it might be too small for me. Shall I stick with it or wait for another offer? Thanks in advance!
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    I found this pic from NY Fashion Week Fall 2016. No details. It may just be someone on the street carrying one from years ago, and nothing new.

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  3. Really small. I prefer the look of the KP. I don't know the price point, if you have the need for such a small piece. You will know when you see it whether it is a thumbs up or down on all points: cost to use ratio and size.
  4. Thank you so much ladies! Yes, it is def looks way to small for me. I doubt it can fit an iPhone plus :sad: I don't think I will take it as it won't be cheap and it will count towards the b/k quota too!
  5. It would make a great bag charm. ;)
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  6. An expensive bag charm :sad:
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  7. Looks like a dolls Kelly bag.
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    Super adorable but not practical. For those on a budget like me cost per use will probably be sky high so I can't justify it. This mini bag trend reminds me of when that SNL skit about mini phones and the smaller the phone the more popular it became. Now we are back to big phones. I also suspect this will be popular irregardless because of supply vs demand.

    But if I had a bigger money tree I would buy it if offered.
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  9. Yep. Reminds me of the fendi mini. They are just plain silly. The 25 Kelly is the perfect small bag. Any smaller is useless IMO. I felt the same way about the Constance 18. Which I did buy....:sad:
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    I believe that is a 15cm in the photo. The FW 16 are 19/20cm wide and designed to have a more proportional handle to a 25cm Kelly. I think Pretty99 had some info on these. I found this image online a while ago. I heard it will be a cross body strap.

    At 19cm Sellier they should be able to hold a larger phone and card case, not much else. I know there's a great thread on what each size Kelly can hold. A Kelly Pochette is about 22cm wide if that helps compare.

    I'm down for one at my store in a color I missed out on that I love and can hardly wait for them to arrive. They will go quickly despite the somewhat ridiculous size!
  11. I agree!! It's the "perfect combination of sexy and cute"...:biggrin::biggrin:
  12. my DH calls my mini Kelly (20 cm) a little girl's bag...
  13. For those h collectors i guess
  14. I had a 15cm Kelly in my collection for about 5 minutes before I sold it. Soooo small! iPhone 6 doesn't fit. Maybe a card holder and lipgloss. It's beautiful but not practical at all. Here's a picture of me wearing it from my Instagram. (excuse my outfit. I was relaxing at home when I took the photo). ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459212389.008968.jpg
  15. Adding the link to this thread that shows what fits in 15, 20, 25 etc thread:

    What's Inside