FW06 truffe & SS07 truffe.....same color?

  1. I noticed on the color swatches for SS07 that we have truffe again. Is this the same exact shade of truffe we have now in FW06? I can't tell from the pics but it looks the same to me. I know they repeat names sometimes, but never exact shades, right?
  2. I thought the same thing. I also think the verte d'eau looks a lot like blue india. Anthracite seems like a variation on black. One of the blues is super bright, the other blah. I am less than thrilled with the spring colors. I will get the naturel for sure, maybe the vermillion.
  3. It looks like but I really don't know.

    I think the swatch of vert d'eau looks very nice but if the bag is really vert d'eau I don't like it too much.
    We'll see!
  4. i think they look identical. even the BAL SA says so.
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