FW06 Ponyhair BBags

  1. I went to my local B boutique yesterday to take a look at the new bags they had in. I saw 2 ponyhair Cities: one was in natural with shiny silvery hardware, and the other bright red with very dark blue trim. The natural looked very much like the natural from FW05. Can't say I like either of them :shrugs:
  2. Didnt' realise there was ponyhair for f/w 2006. I am extremely wary after my camel one became bald. I won't be buying these.
  3. I am not a fan of the pony hair. I worry about using it as an everyday purse.
  4. I just cant wear anything hairy or furry.
  5. I don't like any of the ponyhair ones much except for the white one with Swarovski crystals...
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