FW leather IS different

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I've just gotten back from Van Ravenstein in Amsterdam. The SA went down to their storeroom and she bought out the new shipment of B-bags. The leather was fabulous. They had black, sapin, and royal blue - which oddly still had last seasons leather (all veiny and shiny). I was disappointed that they didn't have any reds or greys and they're not sure if they're getting them in.

    They've got the usual styles and will be getting the bowler and part-time. Oh, and the quilty one!
  2. Interesting! So, they are using different leathers for different colours? Makes it kind of hard to preorder...

    I wonder what leather the grenat will be?
  3. Yeah, but I've seen this with the current lot of bags too. When the new BNY opened up at Copley Place (Boston), they had a TON of B-Bags and I couldn't believe the difference in the leathers. Some looked more like the older leather (funny ... seemed to occur on the First bags more than others).

    When I asked Balenciaga about 'new' leather, they said that there was not going to be any changes. However, one of the BNY S/A's said that it was going to be thicker and the Men's Messenger bag that I saw definitely seemed to have thicker leather.

    Geez ... this does make it hard to order anything sight-unseen.
  4. That would be wonderful if the whole collection had better leather, though, or if they were only doing the new better leather in some colors that way we could order over the phone and know which ones to avoid. But, Ceejay makes a good point...hmmm...perhaps I will wait to see the new colors and pick my bbag out in person.
  5. The black was delishly smooth and thick. The sapin was the same leather and a beautiful dark green. The royal blue and quite a bright, dark blue but the leather was nowhere near as nice as the black and green. I'm really curious as to why the leathers are so different, does make it hard to preorder.
  6. Oooh! Your description of the black is making me want to order a Black City! Where all the styles of the black and Sapin smooth and thick?
  7. I've been waiting patiently to order a f/w black city from BNY ( I have a credit). I was told that until the current stock of black from the S/S season is gone, they won't be getting any of the new black bags in stock.

    Thanks for the info on the new leather, I just need to be patient...but it's so hard.........
  8. Yep! The SA bought out a black hobo, courier and city and the leather was the same on all of them. Same for the sapin work and hobo. I just can't get over the difference with the blue hobo. The new leather is fabulous, smooshy and matt!:love:

  9. Ooooh!!! I was going to buy my 2nd bbag this weekend, but I think I am definitely going to wait until the new colors come out here! The leather sounds gorgeous! Woohoo! Thanks for posting! :smile:
  10. I am so excited about this news! I ended up returning my spring 2006 black city b/c I just wasn't happy with the quality, but I will definitely be ordering a fall one!!
  11. ohhh I've been thinking about a Sapin first for awhile
  12. Thanks for sharing! I'm so excited now!
  13. That's really good news about the leather on the black. I want a black City now!!
  14. Thanks Cal for posting about the leather! Hmm, hope the rouge vif and blue India will be the nicer thicker leather too.

    And yeah, GO SOCCEROOS!!!
  15. Darn -- I was planning on going to Bal NY today to buy a black city. Now, I think I should wait until the new ones come in. Does anyone know when that will be?? What should I do?