FW 08 Take Me Away & Take Me Away mini pics.

Cornflower Blue

Feb 27, 2008
Thanks for the pics!

Those both look fantastic! Love the way the handles are!

For some reason I think the wine lends itself really well to these bags - very sumptuous looking!


Feb 6, 2008
Those are lovely! I wish I actually traveled so I could use them lol...someday when the kids are all grown *sigh* :smile:
I did order the Choco Weekender -- so that's why no Fall 08 bags for me.

I do travel (both on business and taking my son to college a country away...) and I don't like to look like a "schlumpadinka" (Oprah's word) when I travel. Travel is hard enough, and exhausting enough -- and it is almost as if I need to be inspired by my luggage. I like to look streamlined and calm as I go through security and wait my way through lines, ride buses, subways, trains.

I will pair this with my tiny, handsfree LV Mini Lin Danube in Ebene -- also a choco color. It is so small, I can put it into the Weekender for that one bag look which I love. I like to look easy breezy, and this is it for me.
Oct 24, 2006
citychris, do you mind posting the dimensions of each bag? I can'tmake them out even when i blow them up - am loving the curves on that mini bag though!
Thanks for the resizing CityChris! Did you order these bags?

The dimensions don't sound so big actually, on the Weekender...however, Jackie assures that it can fit three days' worth of clothes... The smaller bag really is the size of a regular handbag. I think it is all about depth and smooshiness, that allows you to fill with clothes.


Aug 5, 2006
TG - You're welcome! No, I didn't order these. I don't think I'm going to pre-order anything but wait to see more pics. and hear reviews.
I'll get my Weekender bag when I go to the U.S. on April 26. (It will arrive earlier than that, but that's when I'll arrive.) Can't wait of course.

I too am waiting to see modeling pix on the Fall 08. They are gorgeous...but I am in total shock about the college tuition situation -- I just can't believe I'm going to be shelling out "that kind of money."

So: sales for me, if at all!


Jan 15, 2008
Pounding the streets
Tropicalgal, Congrats on your weekender, may you enjoy many, many travels with it! LOL! I read somewhere about your angst at the one luggage rule at Gatwick, I know how you feel, until the rule got lifted at Heathrow, to two pieces!!! :tup: