fuzzy threading on your LV bags?

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  1. I noticed that some of my bags I use more, have "fuzzy" fur ball threading puffing up from the seams - very fine, like I caught it on something like my clothes, but it isn't coming undone or anything. I don't want to cut it off because I think it will make it worse. Are you having those problems too? I would assume this is wear and tear
  2. No , fuzzy threading is not common i believe. Atleast I have not noticed it. Maybe lv can take a look at it.
  3. Which bags?
  4. My speedy b 30 emp and my epi nevefull near the handle got both in last 6 months
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    Definitely sounds like it may be caused by something that you're wearing
  6. That is what my SA said. She said unless it comes undone it is just wear and tear
  7. I would definitely leave it alone for now, unless it gets too bad. I've never heard of this before though!
  8. I haven't seen this, but it should like something caused by friction?? Got any sandpaper sweaters? :P
  9. Haha ya I'm gonna guess though it is from my bag getting wet and the thread gets wet and then friction no sandpaper sweaters though
  10. I had it happen on my siracusa and had it repaired in lv