Fuzzy Brea MM?

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  1. Months ago I saw my MIL carry a Brea MM in vernis but it also had fuzzy material on some parts of the vernis too. Did LV ever make this kind of Brea bag? I searched online and can't seem to find it so I'm thinking it might be fake. But I also doubt my assumption at times because she's always telling people that she would never buy fake bags. This is why I decided to come on here to see if anybody can help me with an answer to whether that type exist or is it truly a fake bag? I'm sorry I don't have any photos of it. I've only seen her carry it once which was for my husband's graduation. There's no close up shots of the bag... From far it looks like a normal Brea MM vernis bag. (She rarely uses her high end brand bags unless for very special occasions so I never got another chance to take a close up of it.)
  2. Fuzzy vernis? How would that be done? I've never seen it and I'm always looking at Breas on ebay and have never seen such a thing.
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  4. Thank you for the link! Now I know what's it called... "Shearling Embroidered Monogram Vernis". So that line really did exist?
    Thank you.
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    Yes, same for me... I searched online and replica sites showed up. I didn't know it was called "Shearling Embroidered Monogram Vernis", all I remember was there being some kind of material over the vernis. Sorry the 'fuzzy' made it confusing. I'm still confused whether that bag actually exist because even when I search for images nothing really shows up.

    I attached a screenshot of how the bag looks like from the link that was sent to me above. She got it in the rouge fauviste color though.

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