Fuuny thing....r/o

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  1. I was at Boston Market today and a chic walked in carrying the white mc trouville. I wasn't quite sure if it was real or fake from a distance then I remembered learning something on the purse forum...check the handles and see if it is too long, and sure enough...the handles were freaking long!! Hahahhahah...she was sporting a fake Louis Vuitton! Man the nerve of her!!!
  2. I am glad you learned something here. Sometime you can tell from the color as well. Very funny. We should have PF POLICE.
  3. oh, i didn't know that looking at the strap is a way to tell. Thanks ladies... i learn new things from the PF everyday.
  4. Haha, good eye! But before you start bashing her, maybe she received it as a gift and thought it was authentic? If that's the case, she's just a poor victim :sad:
  5. I love this place:love:
    we learn so much!