FUTURE'S designer STUFF!!!

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  1. I got my first Coach in the summer 07, then came my speedy 35 as a Christmas present, than my Batagnols Virtical as an Easter present from my mom.
    The last pic is of the lock and keys, I just love the locks on LV and Hermes bags.:smile:
    03-29-08_1616[1].jpg 03-29-08_1619[1].jpg 03-29-08_1620[1].jpg
  2. Very Nice! Congrats
  3. Thankyou!

    OOPS, I accidently deleted this pic.
  4. Very nice start! The Speedy is going to last you for years! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Oh thankyou wentworthsgal.
  6. Nice!
  7. Love your speedy! Congratulations on a great collection!
  8. Lovely bags! I got my first Coach in the summer of 07 as well!
  9. Very nice
  10. Yeah, think the locks are cute too! (And lovely bags btw)
  11. NEW edition to my collection!!!:yahoo:
    04-05-08_1429[1].jpg 04-05-08_1431[1].jpg 04-05-08_1432[1].jpg
  12. Great collection!
  13. i have a speedy 35 too! i just LOVE that size!
    oh and i think the BV looks really good with the strap undone like you have it..
  14. very nice...
  15. Very nice collection!

    Ooooh I see a lot more LV's and other designer bags in the future, I just know it! lol!