FutureMrsJones....growing bag collection

  1. Its not much, but its mines, and I'm proud of it!!! :yahoo: :wlae: I'll post more when I get home from work...
  2. all timeless pieces! i LOOOVE those chanel sunnies! :love:
  3. Cannot go wrong with LV or Chanel
  4. Very nice- a great foundation for an expanding collection!
  5. Great pieces!
  6. love them all lady!
  7. love the sunnies - so fun!
  8. Nice bag! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Totally gorge!
  10. Classics! Thanks for sharing!
  11. i love it!! Those Chanel glasses are HOT! :yahoo:
  12. Love each piece! They are classics! Love the sunglasses!
  13. Love the sunglasses!! Very classic pieces ... great choices!
  14. Nice!
  15. What lovely classic pieces! You have great taste!