Future Tokidoki Prints!!

  1. Ok ladies, I'm back from the MAGIC, POOL, & PROJECT tradeshows in Vegas. As promised, I did stop by the Tokidoki booth and was able to get a line sheet for future prints. I'll most definitely take pictures of them and try to make them as clear as possible. BE READY TO SPEND YOUR MONEY!! These future prints are wayyyy cute! I confirmed that the last collaboration from this collection will be the Holiday 2007 collection. They will have Bianco (White) & Notte (Black) for the remaining of the year. They will bring out Fumo (Charcoal) starting with the Fall 2007 collection again. So here's the info for the rest of the prints.

    Adios Star & Pirata
    April/May: Amore
    May/June: Spiaggia (a Hawaiin print. If you go to his website and click under Hawaii Signing.. This is the print that pops up)
    July/August: Famiglia (kind of like the Dooney Bubbles line, except that in each bubble, there is a face of a Tokidoki Character. The background is kind of like a tan/coffee color)
    August/September: Tutti (black & white bag, real similar to the Playground print) & Trasport (lots of little Tokidoki characters flying around kind of in international costume. The background for this is kind of a grayish tone)

    I don't have the pics up yet but I promise I will get them up ASAP!!! :yes: All of these prints are wayyyy cute and I'm already planning my future purchases! The only prints I wasn't able to see were the Holiday ones as they weren't showing then yet. I'm guessing I'll be able to see them at the August Pool Show.

    **I just took the pix but I don't have my USB Cable. SORRRYYY :shame: But I might go home tonight so I will upload then. If not, the latest will be tomorrow. Sorry for the tease gals!!!

    P.S. I personally plan on getting the Amore, Spiaggia, Tutti, & Trasporto :nuts: :p :yahoo:
  2. :cutesy: omg, i can't wait to see your pictures! this is going to be the most awesome year for Tokidoki.
  3. I cant wait to see! I'm going to be sooo broke! Thanx for the info.
  4. Oo I Cant Wait! They Sound Soo Cute!:d
  5. omg SPAGGIA!! i LOVE that pic of the hawaiian-themed...everything! the fishies, the surfer girl, the girl sipping on the coconut (even though she was on the paradiso print..haha) o:huh::huh:Ooo i cant WAIT for the pics!! hurry hurry!!
  6. omg!! I cant wait to see it! You cant tease us that you have the pictures but not show them!!!
  7. Thanks for the UPDATE! I guess I'll pass on the Pirates and just wait for the Spiaggia print.
  8. thanks for the update...i sure cant wait to see the pics!!! oh man...im so gonna be broke haha
  9. Oooh, I so want Spaggia!! Sounds too cute! :smile:
  10. I cant wait!!! What does the amore print look like?
  11. can't wait to see the pics. I think the spiaggia is cuter than the pirata. I was thinking about getting a ciao in adios star, but now I might want to wait.
  12. Found these cute amore pics:
  13. omg... how can you tease us like this....

    as a side note:

    I can just see the money flying out of my wallet now... :wtf:
  14. oh my lordie..as if i'm not excited enough as it is!!!! i am SOOOOO getting the spiaggia....famiglia, i'll have to see..but it'll probably be kyoot too! trasport sounds really kyoot!! i dunno about tutti..not a fan of dark/black-ish colors..but then again i loved inferno! this man can do no wrong! n oh gosh there's still the holiday prints x.x EEEKKSSS!!!

    its like every other month there's gonna be a new print...oh man!

    nehooo here's another CLOSEr look at the amore print!!! i thought i had the whole print mapped out..but apparently i was missing the mushroomies too!! SOOOO KYOOT!

  15. I am passing on the pirate print and saving for the Spiaggia. I live in Hawaii so I have to get a Hawaiian Tokidoki print. Thanks so much for the info. I look forward to the pics.