future owner, need color/style recomendations

  1. this will probably be the ONLY balenciaga bag i'll get until i get my future daycare business running smoothly and can afford it without my parents lol which is probably when im 25 or so. (im 20 now.)

    so which color and style do you think i should get since i'll probably be using it every single day and will most likely be my only bbag.

    white city? is the city too big for me because im 5'2. i need help deciding. for me it's a pretty big decision, and i usually make horrible big decisions when i make them myself. :p
  2. DO NOT get white, it'll get too dirty if you use it every day, even if you try really hard to take care of it. For a bag that will get this much use, I recommend the classic black City, you can NEVER go wrong with this bag in your collection. If you're not so into it, try a darker neutral. Do you like colors (blue, red, green, etc) or do you want a bbag that you can match to most of what you wear?

    Good luck in deciding and definitely tell us what you decide on.....don't forget PICS!!!! Congrats!

    Oh, and City is perfect for you, I'm 5'2" and it is not too big at all, just right for every day!
  3. i say a city in a dark color
  4. I agree - a City is a darker color [i.e. black, Plomb/Steel, Anthra, gray, etc.] I would def. stay away from light colors, esp. white as the handles darken on lighter bags after time & if this is going to be your only bbag you prob. don't want that :p They have some lovely dark colors though --- let us know what you decide!
  5. City in black, brown (cinnamon is gorgeous), or blue (if you like blue bags).
  6. Well, if it's going to be your only bbag for awhile and you want to wear it often I'd say black, plomb, anthracite, ink or some other relatively dark color that can be substituted for black. Or brown if it suits your wardrobe. Sienna and cinnamon are GORGEOUS 07 colors.

    If you feel a bit adventurous but still want to keep it on the conservative side I'd go with a blue color. Balenciaga blues are so gorgeous! What about Ocean? It's darker and won't succumb to dark handles as much as the lighter colors.
  7. Another vote for the always versatile and classic black city!
  8. yep, black city.
  9. One vote for Anthra City.
  10. thanks! i think i'll go for a dark blue color then. :smile:
  11. You can't go wrong with a Black City

    It's a good time to get one, this seasons leather is beautiful
  12. black city!
  13. i think an INK CITY would be a great choice. dark enough to pass for black, but still more interesting than black with its blue and purple undertones. it won't get dirty, it'll age beautifully, plus the shape of the city is classic and its size seems to look great on every body type.

    i'm not too sure about black cities if you're planning on it being your only bbag for 5 years, but that's just my opinion - i have seen a number of faded black cities in real life, and they just aren't pretty.
  14. ITA!!!!:heart:

  15. The new blue colour Ocean looks so nice!!
    That's what I would go for !!
    Hmmm, maybe I need one, too! ;)