future of your old chanel bags

  1. i wondered what you were doing with the bags you bought in the past years and you don't carry anymore. Do you keep them or do you resell them to gather money for the new ones?
  2. It depends. I have sold a few of my bags, but kept way more. Some I would never depart with no matter how old they are.
  3. ^^I totally agree. Some I've sold, some I can't part with.
  4. Give them to me :biggrin:

    Seriously, I'd probably keep them all no matter how old they are...
  5. I have kept some and sold some
    like mon and michelle says- can not par with some.
    There is one I am dying to sell, but just cant let it part my hands- it matches some shoes I got- so i dont know what I will do.. lol
  6. I did kept some of them. I agree with Michelle and Mon too! Some of them is really hard to get rid even though they are pretty old already! Maybe we just made a lot of memories that is hard to get rid!
  7. Mine are from the 80's and 90's and they are all stacked in the closet looking sad and worn.
  8. i mostly keep mines but have sold a few.
  9. I don't collect handbags so I haven't been faced w/ it yet really.

    But in general, I don't keep things I don't use unless there's a sentimental reason.
  10. If I haven't brought it out in a year and I'm eyeing something new, I sell it. I never used to sell, but since I quit working to be a SAHM, I feel (just slightly) more guilty spending so much on myself. I haven't regretted parting with anything yet.
  11. Great question because I was pondering what I should do with my black rubber jumbo classic. It has some creasing at the top. Just recently I've thought what do I do with this rare work horse? Do I just let it be? Goodwill it? For now it's top shelved. It doesn't deserve to be totally destroyed after all, it's still a Chanel. (r.i.p.)
  12. I definitely sell them.
  13. I keep them :smile: