future of clemence?

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  1. can clemence get any sloucher than this (I don't know this this pic is a clemence but I am just using it as a slouch comparison)? I am just wondering b/c I saw a lady with a black birkin in nyc H on Tue and her birkin looked even sloucher than this. It looked like it was almost flat and the shape of the birkin was non existence. It just looked like a cut out of a birkin with no shape.

    I wish HG got there earlier to check it out with me. I wonder if it was real.

    p.s sorry I borrowed this pic from the "Asian ladies with H thread".

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  2. I have seen a Togo Birkin 35 that when empty and un buckled collapsed like a wet paper bag. Clemence is thicker, but both leathers can get very floppy.
    When the Birkin is being carried or is buckled it looks okay. Some people like this look. A collapsed Birkin is great for putting under an airplane seat with no worries. That is the plus side of a collapsed bag.
    Box is the leather for the long haul, IMO.
  3. Cxyvr, checking out everyone's Birkin before I got to the store, were you? Well, when I got there, I saw some tourists checking out yours.
  4. Maybe they weren't checking out my bag, maybe they where checking out how hot we where.:yahoo:
  5. Oh, and to answer your question. Yes, clemence can slouch that much over time. Also, don't forget, the bigger the bag, the more it will slouch.
  6. You guys got to meet???!!!! Yeah!!! I'm so glad. How has your traveling been C--other than the PB experience?
  7. nyc is always good and I had great time with HG. I think H will build a bedroom for HG there soon. She knows everyone and everything there.:yahoo:
  8. Cxyvr is one of the most charming people anyone can meet. A real doll. She needs to post more often.