future of clemence?


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Aug 28, 2006
can clemence get any sloucher than this (I don't know this this pic is a clemence but I am just using it as a slouch comparison)? I am just wondering b/c I saw a lady with a black birkin in nyc H on Tue and her birkin looked even sloucher than this. It looked like it was almost flat and the shape of the birkin was non existence. It just looked like a cut out of a birkin with no shape.

I wish HG got there earlier to check it out with me. I wonder if it was real.

p.s sorry I borrowed this pic from the "Asian ladies with H thread".


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I have seen a Togo Birkin 35 that when empty and un buckled collapsed like a wet paper bag. Clemence is thicker, but both leathers can get very floppy.
When the Birkin is being carried or is buckled it looks okay. Some people like this look. A collapsed Birkin is great for putting under an airplane seat with no worries. That is the plus side of a collapsed bag.
Box is the leather for the long haul, IMO.