Future Murakami Limited Eds.?

  1. Does LV and Murakami continue to collaborate? Will there be other, new limited editions? Tx. :yes:
  2. I would love to see that happen.
  3. Hope so!!
    Wasn't there a rumour about some other fruit collaboration?
  4. i hope so.. he's definitly more creative than MJ!
  5. I thought his contract with LV has expired?:shrugs: At least that is what I heard.
  6. I'm pretty sure Murakami's contract has ended with LV.
    I know early in 2005 Marc Jacobs signed a 10 year deal with LV, which will see him create 2 collections a year for LV.
  7. oh i do hope so
  8. OH wow...that totally sucks. I like Marc...but I LOVE Murakami more! Smiling cherries and all...who can beat that?

    So in 2006 what have Marc's designs been for his 2 collections?
  9. Marc has been a busy guy- the acccessories, women's rtw, and men's rtw. But Fall 2006 was his last collection for the men's line- he's said that he doesn't much care for designing men's clothes.
  10. i'd love more murakami designs. they inject so much life into LV!
  11. I agree!!
  12. I could be wrong but I think they were the Perfo and the Velvet Chains/Monogram Charms.
  13. Thanks! Wasn't impressed with either one LOL
    I am anxiously awaiting word on Spring 2007 lines.
    I guess if the LE lines aren't impressing me I'll be saving money :smile:
  14. Yeah I have to agree, I definitly prefer Murakami compared to Marc, don't get me wrong I love Marc and you have to give him credit because he designs a collection every season for LV, Marc Jacobs and his younger more affordable diffusion line Marc by Marc Jacobs.
    But compared to Murakami, he has got nothing on him lol!
  15. Lol I got a bag and pochette from each line :smile:
    Charms was the Taupe Cabas and the Fuchsia Pochette and the Perfo was the Fuchsia Musette and the Green Pochette.