Future Hermes location in North Carolina?

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  1. My daughter and I just returned from a shopping trip to Charlotte. We visited the South Park Mall and I was wondering if this is where the future Hermes site is to be. Any North Carolina girls know if this is the case? They are developing a high end wing of this mall with Louis Vitton,Burberry, etc... and Neiman Marcus to open in Sept. There was also a space under construction next to the Neiman's site suspiciously covered in bright orange! So, is this it??? Thanks for any info in advance. I'm pretty sure that Charlotte is going to become my new shopping mecca. (only 4 1/2 hrs away)
  2. Yeah, that is the mall. The bright orange box looking space is where the Hermes will be. Its scheduled to open in November. LV, Burberry, St. JOhn and Tiffany have been there for some time now.
  3. Nathansgirl is South Park the hot mall in NC? I need to know for future visits.
  4. yeah, actually it is. They are really expanding it. By the way, I think I was out your way this past week. I did some shopping in Mazza Gallerie and on that strip with all the high end stores, including Saks.
  5. I'm Going Out Of Mind Waiting!!! :smile: I Act Like I Never Been To Hermes! LOL! ...(Nothing Against Anyone Who Hasn't).....I've Just Been Having Some NYC Withdrawl......
  6. Oh yea, you were out my way. Did you stop at the Tyson's Hermes?
  7. What did you buy?
  8. This time I didn't stop at the Tyson's Corner. I should have though just to see Keith and the manager. Trana (sp?)

    I bought a blue jean togo picotin and two scarves. I will post pics today or tomorrow. I've been feeeling really lazy lately.