Future fashionista sighting...

  1. I was riding my scooter to the farmers market this afternoon, when I saw a young girl and her mother on the side of the street. The girl had a black MC speedy 25 (real! - Mom's?), and she noticed my Petite Bucket as I rode by. I smiled... Start 'em young, that's what I say!
  2. MC Speedies only came in the 30, not 25..
  3. Maybe it was a 30. I was riding by on my scooter.
  4. Lucky girl.
  5. there's no 25 in MC ...
  6. I think i recognize you from somewhere...sounds crazy but were you in a movie? :Push:

  7. You can be the 3894 person to say I look like the girl from "When a Stranger Calls"
  8. AAAUGHGHAUAH!!! THATS IT!!!!! :yahoo: :nuts: LMAO!
  9. I swear. Soo many people.a couple here. lj. myspace. work. my own family even!!:rolleyes:
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. I was contemplating getting my daughter (about to turn 10) a mini mono speedy...then i came to my senses!!!
  12. My nine year old daughter BEGGED me for a mini Mono Speedy in the LV store today!
  13. so did you get if for her?

    i may spring for a used one at a good price...she has already claimed all my shoes and purses...i keep asking her if she is waiting for me to die......"noooooooo mommy, i just like all your purses and shoes"
  14. No! I'd love to, but I don't want to get that started!:P Hmmm....but a nice used one? I might look into that!
  15. :yahoo: you do!