Future dilemma: coco handle vs classic flap?

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Let me give some background:

    I've purchased the classic jumbo caviar with ghw in the past but didn't love it - I don't know what it was. I loved the look and bag itself - the multiple compartments etc. Now in hindsight - I think it was the hardware. I was always a gold girl, but now I've grown to love silver more. I feel like it's less fussy. I ended up returning the bag because I wasn't head over heels like I thought I would be for a 5k bag.

    Coco handle-
    I think I saw somewhere that they're re-releasing the coco handle (with the lizard handle - which I loved! But couldn't purchase at the time). I think the handle is everything! And the design overall is very classic in itself.

    So the question is... Do I repurchase the classic flap in silver? (Should I stick with caviar or go for lambskin)Or should I go for the coco handle?

    I only have one Chanel bag in my collection, which is my old med black lamb boy with rhw (love this bag to pieces)

    I tried asking my boyfriend for his opinion but he's biased because he doesn't like the classic at all I can only afford to have one bag, and I'd like to start saving now! Thank you all for your opinion
  2. I'd get classic with the silver hardware. I think you can't go wrong with that. Is it a jumbo you intend to get?
  3. I vote coco handle for two reasons:

    1) the coco handle design allows it to be shoulder-carried or hand-carried.
    2) the double flap of the classic flaps drives me nuts. I loved the old single flaps

    Good luck with your decision!
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  4. Coco handle gets my vote. I love this style and currently use it way more than my classics. The shoulder/top handle option is great, it fits a substantial amount, and it is a very user-friendly bag.
  5. another vote for coco handle. i used to really dislike top handle bags, but i actually think they are more classic and versatile as we age. lots of women cannot shoulder carry bags - especially heavy chain bags - when they get older and i think kelly/top handle bags are much better for a woman's collection long-term. and the ability to carry multiple ways makes it much more functional, imo.
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  6. There are a fair amount of complaints about the jumbo being heavy which I do agree with. The coco handle being released soon will once again have leather lining which makes it pretty special. I find it interesting this will be the third release of this bag-it's popular for a reason. I know I'm on the list! I'd be on the lookout for a preloved jumbo since you'll be able to find one for less.
  7. My vote goes for classic flap - if you're not loving the gold then get silver! I'm a lambskin lover so i say get lambskin with SHW

  8. I totally agree! I also think it's more versatile

  9. Yes it definitely is heavy... I think I'm gonna go for the coco handle! Love that the lizard is leather lined!
  10. Hi gail..correct me if im wrong. I saw the list in fall 1 or 2, the coco handle are in lambskin???
  11. I believe they are calf, which is wonderful!
  12. I agree on coco handle over a classic flap. Also love that the new ones will be calfskin. I also noticed that it says in description that the strap is detachable with the new ones! That is awesome
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  13. Do you mind share where u saw the descriptions? Is this from boutique or department stores? thanks
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  14. I want to know as well , thanks in advance
  15. From a few department store descriptions...ask an SA but specifically at Hirshleifers.