Future Collectables?????

  1. Was just pondering...many of us here collect a particular design of scarf...and I was thinking if I knew then what I know now, I would have bought the scarves I really am seeking now, then (got it? LOL!).

    Anyway...what do you think, out of say, the previous 12 months, are going to become the hot, sought-after scarves of the future? I'll nominate:

    Legende de Kuna (especially the bright colourways)
    Jardins d'Andalousie (in turquoise, especially)
    Les Toits du Paris
    Red Berries (in certain colourways)
    Les Parisiens in black
    Sur un Tapis Volant

    What say you?
  2. Ok....let's see...just this year, eh?

    Les Parisiens in black,
    Les Toits du Paris in white,
    Legende de Kuna in yellow (haven't seen a regular size scarf in that colorway EVER!)

    hmmmm.....and let me think on this a little more......
  3. Great picks GF---

    I'd like to add:
    Lumieres de Paris
    De Passage Tokyo (upcoming scarf, but I think it's going to be a keeper)
  4. Ahhh, I love Passage Tokyo - but I want to see all the colouways first! The red looked divine!
  5. I agree D, and also in the red colourway, as it was featured in the ads.
  6. hmmm, still getting used to the massive amount of H scarves out there...but I dont want what everyone may want or is gonna be a must have...I lean towards the ones with horses on them for some reason...and I have a fondness for a bit of whimsy too...oh and I love the zebra ones...but we'll see what the near future brings in the way of these gorgeous scarves and pocket squares....
  7. Do you guys think that the featured scarves are the most sought after? Because I know that it was hard as hell to find that dang Parisiens in black and that was the color in the booklet.......
  8. ^yes, in fact, my store decided to always buy more of the featured colourway from the booklets, as they are the most popular. I personally think they DO choose the best colourways to be the feature scarves in the booklet.
  9. Does anyone know when those booklets come out?
  10. Is Les Toits Du Paris 'The Roofs of Paris'? I looooooooooooooooooooooooved that scarf, and I think that it will be very collectable (if only by me!).
  11. Shari - yep, that's the one.

    D - no booklets yet (they're late again) and once again, most of the seasons scarves will be sold before the booklets arrive. Boy, I remember the days (now I sound old) when the booklets would arrive here before the scarves even arrived into the country!!
  12. What's the name of the Annie Faivre scarf again from the current collection? That one for sure will become a collector's item.

    One scarf that I am very fond of but that gets easily overlooked: 'Touch Me' (aka the porcupine scarf).
  13. The Passage scarves. We have had Passage a Paris, now Passage a Tokyo.......I smell a series coming on here.
  14. Isn't the Annie Faivre the jungle scene one ? The one with all the tropical plants and monkeys, and and a circle (?) in the middle? Whoever designed it, I'm not a fan....
  15. The "jungle scene" scarf from the S/S 07 collection is Au Couer de la Vie and it is designed by Aline Honore and not Annie Faivre. I actually do think that this is a design that will be a future collectible, especially in the black colorway.