Future cell phones ( for cellphone junkies )

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    Samsung t509
    Samsung, which was on the verge of overtaking Motorola as the world's second-largest phone maker until the Razr came along, is trying to take a slice out of Motorola's market share with its own ultra-slim phone, the t509


    The round click-wheel on the lid looks suspiciously familiar to a popular portable music player, but no, the new LG550 phone from South Korea's LG is not the long-rumored Apple iPhone

    Sony Ericsson K790 Cyber-shot phone
    The new K790 Cyber-shot phone is a good-looking EDGE handset, offering relatively speedy Web browsing and e-mail on the GSM network. But flip it over, slide down the lens cover, and it becomes a 3.2-megapixel Cyber-shot digital camera with autofocus, a Xenon flash and a particularly clever feature called BestPic, which blasts a series of nine rapid-fire shots when you press the shutter button


    Motorola Pebl U6A favorite Motorola design is the Pebl, a well-rounded (oval, actually) clamshell phone with the pleasing feel and heft of a smooth river rock. T-Mobile will offer them in a variety of colors for $299 with a contract


    Motorola Miniblue headset
    Motorola also showed off the Miniblue, which for now appears to be the world's smallest Bluetooth headset. The earpiece of the bottlecap-size gizmo fits in the ear canal and picks up your voice without the need for a microphone boom.


    Something else i obesses over :cool:

    the miniblue looks cool
  2. T509 is one hooooooot phone . The motorola razr is totally overrated. It only looks good but the functions and effectiveness suck, especially the magenta version. Samsung is THE way to go in terms of cellphones! hot, hot phones.
  3. Motorola Pebl U6A is so so cute...why is it t-mobile has fab phones but craptacular service (at least in the NW)...verizon is the only company with any sort of reliable coverage in my area and their phones are so yucky. although i do want a treo. hehe.

    Samsung t509 i like this one too...i agree, the razr does leave a lot to be desired...doesn't stop me from wanting one though. maybe this will be better! :smile:
  4. Hmm.. I really like that Sony Erickson. Looks nice
  5. i like that samsung phone... almost like the SLVR from motorola
  6. the sony one looks fun!.. however, i don't think i could ever part from my treo though.
  7. The Motorola Pebl U6 feels awesome - the surface is kinda like rubber... not the slippery hard cases most phones come in
  8. They look ok. I haven't seen one that I want more than my sk2 right now.. except maybe the blackberries lol

    I'm such a data phone junkie!! haha
  9. Reading about new cell phones is the equivalent to porn!! :nuts: I llooove reading about new cell ph's since I'm such a phone junkie. Guess that's another one of my passions besides bags!
  10. ahh im a cellphone junkie =D, I Have the "V" or the LG 9800.Why dont you have an CDMA phones up there?. I like The PBL but I dislike Motorola =(.. I went throgh 8 moto's in 9 months..all due to software problems.. I like Samsung much better.. are any of you members on Howard Forums ?
  11. I'm a total cellphone junkie too! I love that sony one!

  12. hehe Tmobile is crap all over =D,especially NEXTEL! they are using 16 year old cellphone tecnology TDMA..:biggrin: