future buy Cruise 08 collection...

  1. I just put my name down for the mini lin croisette Marina PM in blue..

    I'm debating whether if I should also do the same for the speedy in red?

    What do you think?
  2. If you like it, go for it!
    Any pics?
  3. Pics! i havn't seen it yet
  4. I have put myself down for the Rouge Speedy, it looks incredible..I might do the lil rond coin purse too in blue and pair those together!!! :nuts:
  5. ^^^^Rouge Speedy!! why oh why havn't i seen these, need pic asap!! gahh
  6. :heart:i'm on the list for the red and blue speedy. :heart:i'm a big fan of this line.:heart:
  7. I'm going to list for the blue & red speedy. As well as both rondes (since I collect those)!
    I will definetly buy both rondes...but the speedy...I am tossed up...if I LOVE both colors I'll do both! Otherwise leaning toward blue since I already have a red Epi speedy.
  8. ack! I dont know if I want the Marina PM or the speedy. I know for sure I want the blue (or do?!?!!)
  9. Mini Lin Croisette marina pm blue?!? THe name sounds intriguing....I need pics!!!
  10. i like the red marina pm......
  11. Biru, I did the same thing waitlisting for the Marina PM in blue with the red rond as a bag charm. But now I'm really thinking of the Speedy in red, too. If I get the Speedy in red, then I would have to get the blue rond to hang on it. Gotta think on this some more. Good luck to you!!
  12. I am going to LV tmr and have my SA put me on WL for the Rouge Speedy for sure. :yahoo:

    Ahhh....I also want the cabby PM too.....

    So many good looking bags for the coming half year. (oh no.that means my bank account..............:wtf:)
  13. Rouge speedy sounds cute...
  14. ummm... no..... because I don't like speedies with canvas lining and I bet this one will have the canvas lining.....

    However, if YOU want to then go ahead. It's always better to be on the waitlist than to regret it later :yes:

    I'm also on the list for the red Marina PM, this collection is gonna ROCK!!!!