Future Alexas?

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  1. Will the Alexa become part of the regular collection or will it be a one-season only thing?

    I love the bag and the details in the style, but I'm not sure if any of the colors are what I'd go for...

    I'd love for this bag to become a staple like the bay
  2. It will at least be a part of the next season's bag collection. I think (and hope) it might becme a classic, but guess that depends on future sales.
  3. I can't see why they wouldn't bring it out in chocolate, and maybe plain black or black patent at least.
  4. Chocolate would be good!
  5. Chocolate tweed sounds nice and classic as does........ a rocking grape metallic colour (more fun than classic)
  6. I am dreaming of a red alexa. yum yum :P
  7. I spoke to Liberty in London and was told they are introducing black lambskin Alexa in March. There will also be a cream tweed coming.
  8. ^^ Those sound perfect!
  9. I would love a Black Lambskin as well.
  10. i think it will be around for some time, which is why I am not rushing into it. I never believe in paying retail for anything.
  11. black lambskin sounds GREAT!

    But that would make it a less work-horse back though, no?

    I wouldn't mind the oak color right now and am thinking of an OS oak but apparently they are hard to find.

    But a chocolate color one sounds divine as well!
  12. I'd say it will be around for some time yet. It has a classic style and it's turning into a bit of a cashcow for Mulberry (I suspect). So many people want one and there seems to be a shortage, I don't see how they could pull it after one season.
  13. I really like the idea of black patent.
  14. dark foresty/pine green would be divine for me :balloon: