Fusion AirGlow

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  1. I am looking for alternatives to tanning in the sun, I just read about the GlowFusion AirGlow, does anyone own it or have they used it?

    Brief description from Sephora:
    GlowFusion AirGlow
    What it is:
    Your best shot at a totally seamless, sunless, sexy, head-to-toe tan.

    What it is formulated to do:
    Ready, aim ... glow!
    The first and only at-home and fully rechargeable airbrush gun blows out a sheer, vapor-light, even mist in an all new, cocoa-infused GlowFusion Micro-Nutrient Tinted Protein Tan Mist that dries on contact. No need to smooth, spread, or touch.

    What else you need to know:
    The AirGlow Kit contains: one AirGlow™ Airbrush gun; 4 oz Micro-Nutrient Tinted Protein Tan Mist with new, all natural, cocoa-infused micro-nutrient tinted formula for an instantly glowing seamless application; AC adapter and charging connector; and funnel for simple transfer into the airbrush gun cartridge. Warranty included.


    Just wondering how many applications you can get from the catridge too
  2. I haven't tried airglow, but I did try jettan--exact same principal. I got a great tan from it--so did my shower walls and shower curtain. I threw it away and got to scrubbing my shower out.
  3. Beauty obsessed, does it streak? Also when you apply it, does it get on your walls?
  4. Nope, it's completely colorless and doesn't streak.it's by far the best self-tanner i've used(and I've used many:yes:)
  5. does it work well on pale skin? Self tanners tend to make me look orange.
  6. I myself am very pale, and it doesn't look orange on me at all - in fact, it turnsmy skin into a beutiful, golden color.But I guess it depends on how often you re-apply, it may turn orange if it builds up.