Fushia perforated pochette anyone?

  1. very cute, thanks for sharing.
  2. oooh I want! Cute!
  3. LV Obsessed- did you get charged customs/tax when you got your Malibu Street?? It's the only thing that puts me off all o/seas transactions. :sad:
  4. Too Cute!! I have a question though: Do you get a key with the little lock or is it just there to look pretty?
  5. thu_nuts I think the lock is just there 2 look pretty, seeing as it's a much smaller lock than those on a speedy, but I'm not 100% sure.

    And slayer, I've never once been charged customs or taxes when I've bought stuff on eBay, but I'll let u know if I ever am...I don't think they charge for that in Oz unless it's really expensive.

    Oooh now I'm thinking about bidding on that adorable pochette...dammit why did I have to bid on that cerises cles??!!!
    Oh thats right...because it was so CUTE!!!:shame:

    Cmon LOTTO!!!:roflmfao:
  6. I have been charged duty on items before. I think the limit has been raised to $1k Aus $$...you are more likely to be charged duty if shipped via courier e.g. DHL etc.
  7. ive been watching this pochette.... im thinking of bidding
  8. it's a good deal.
  9. Nice
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